Learn it All! (Comprehensive Course)


Includes: All brow techniques (microblading, manual shading, machine feathering, shading, ombre and hybrid technique) , eye liner, lash enhancement, lip shading and liner. No prior experience necessary. To reserve your spot, a deposit of $1000 is required. The deposit is non-refundable.


Comprehensive Permanent Makeup Training- EYES, LIPS, BROWS

This course includes lip liner, lip shading/blush, all brow techniques including machine techniques (shading, ombre, hybrid brow) and manual techniques (microblading and shading), eye liner and lashline enhancement. 

No previous training or knowledge is required and the course is delivered with a low student to instructor ratio to provide the highest possible standard of training. 

Course Fee: $5795 (includes microblading starter kit)

The fees include all necessary course material, including mannequin, pigments, other essentials and the microblading starter kit. Lunch will also be provided for students. Please note that the fee does not include the PMU machine and needles. Please bring your own micropigmentation machine and needles.  If you do not have a machine, please let us know via email or phone to discuss rental or purchase options. Purchase options must be arranged 2 weeks prior to the class, so that equipment can be shipped in time. *If you purchase the A&I Schendel Digital Machine (Cordless Machine or Black Diamond) as well as any pigments or products, you will receive 20% OFF. To reserve your spot, a deposit of $1000 is required. The deposit is non-refundable.

Course Duration: 6 Full Days

*This course can be taken without manual techniques (microblading and shading). The duration would instead be 4 days and the cost is $3995.

The General Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Skin Structure
  • Permanent Makeup Machines
  • Color Theory
  • Skin Tone, Color Selection and Color Mix
  • A&I Pigments and Machine
  • Needle Usage
  • Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup
  • Hygiene and Saftey
  • Tools and Materials: Setting Up your Work Station
  • Design, Measurement, and Stoke Patterns
  • Hands-on practice on Artificial Skin and Live Model
  • Post-Care
  • Doing Business Responsibly

Course Preparation:

  • You may bring a camera to take before and after photos of your work to expand your portfolio.
  • We can supply models for the students. However, students can also bring their own models. If you have model(s), please contact us to make arrangements prior to the start of the course.

Your certificate is issued upon passing a practical examination. We encourage our students to remain in close contact with the instructor, so that we can help you build your confidence in the industry and answer any questions that may come up early on in your career.

Spot reservations are on a first come first serve basis. We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard. You can call our office at 519-570-2117 to reserve your spot now.

Permanent Makeup Training

Tania Duca, a coveted Permanent Make-Up Instructor and Artist, trained with BioTouch, NPM, A&I Schendel and PhiBrows, founded the Euro Reflections Permanent Make-up Training Academy. Her expertise as a Permanent Makeup Artist is demonstrated in her personalized, hands-on training methods that she has gathered from training all over the world. This course provides beginner and advanced students with the education they need to embark on a successful career in Permanent Cosmetics.

We believe that to be successful in the Permanent Makeup Industry, you need to have significant hands on training on live models, and strong one-on-one mentorship with your course instructor. Tania will spend time making you comfortable with the theory of PMU, the techniques and execution, as well as how to build your business after your training.

Class sizes are kept small. There are never more than 2-3 students, to ensure time for private one-on-one communication and individualized training. In this way we can ensure you learn the procedures safely and effectively. This also allows the instructor to really connect with you and help you hone your unique talents and create your own individual style.