2019 Permanent Makeup (PMU)
Master Conference

Toronto * Canada * June 2-3

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11 Certificates of Attendance
11 Masters to GROW your SKILLS

Early Booking Special by February 15 2019

Conference MASTER Speakers

Tania Duca – Canada


Adi Schendel – Israel

The revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation Technique

More about Adi Schendel

Dolores Srok – Croatia

All about DS Lip Technique

More about Dolores

Jenya Denizery – Turkey

Male Eyebrow Technique

More about Jenya

Elena Copaceanu – Romania

PMU  Defined Hair Strokes by Machine

More about Elena

Jurgita Jasiunaite – Italy

Microblading and Microshading Technique

More about Jurgita

Vladimir Zec / Dr. Phi – Serbia

PhiLings Technique

More about Vladimir

Oleg Morozov – Estonia

Tatoo Removal ( Sviatoslav Otchenash Technique)

More about Oleg

Jelena Solovovs – Estonia

Eye Shading: Placement of Accents and Make-up Rules

More about Jelena

Paola Soto – USA

Magic Shading Eyebrow (Sviatoslav Otchenash Technique)

More about Paola

Natalia Datsiuk – Ukraine

Eye Shading Technique

More about Natalia

Lavinia Pop – Romania

Color Theory for PMU

More about Lavinia

Adi Schendel

World Renowned Master of Scalp Micropigmentation, will be teaching a class on November 11-12 2018.

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